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Adhoc Basis Teachers news 2015 check Adhoc teacher permanent (Tadarth Shikshak Niyamit) Latest news Aided Inter Colleges Adhoc Teacher permanent News 2015

Adhoc Teachers permanent (Tadarth Shikshak Niyamitikaran) in Aided Inter Colleges News April 2015: State government is going to make Adhoc teachers permanent in Aided Inter Colleges once again. This time only those teacher will be permanent who were appointed between 6 August 1993 to 30 December 2000. Mdhyamik Shiksha Nideshalaya has sent a proposal to shasan stating that there are 1934 Adhoc teachers working in Aided Inter Colleges who come under aforesaid time span. Their appointment as permanent teacher will not carry any burden to State Government as they are getting pay scale equivalent to permanent teacher from the very beginning. Top officials have given their acceptance over this decision made by Mdhyamik Shiksha Nideshalaya and only cabinet approval is awaited.

Under Higher Education system of Uttar Pradesh there are Aided Inter Colleges are operating along with Government Inter Colleges (GICs/ GGICs) in UP. And Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission has right to appoint teachers in Government Inter Colleges (GICs/ GGICs).

Adhoc Basis Teacher will become permanent on seats running vacant after senior teacher retirement. Earlier in 1981 Management of Aided Inter Colleges were given right to appoint teacher on Adhoc basis for every seat vacant available after any senior teacher goes retired. But condition was this sould be in favour of students and Adhoc Teachers (Tadarth Shikshak ) must possess the qualification required for the posts of permanent teacher in Inter Colleges. After this decision implemented, Aided Inter Colleges Management commenced to appoint teachers on Adhoc Basis with the concent of Zila Vidhyalaya Nirikshik.

It has been three times when Adhoc Basis Teacher(Tadarth Shikshak ) appointed permanent teacher in Uttar Pradesh first time in 12 June 1985, second time in 6 April 1991 and third time in  5 August 1993.
Now State Government has decided to reconsider the step made for appointment of Adhoc Basis Teacher as permanent by Aided College management is benefiting them through numerous manner. The right of appointment of Adhoc Basis Teacher(Tadarth Shikshak ) as permanent teacher by College Management has been cancelled on 30 December 2000 while making some amendments in Section 18 of Uttar Pradesh Prathmik Shiksh Seva Chayan Board Act 1982. So State Government is preparing to make permanent to all Adhoc Basis Teachers who have been appointed between 6 August 1993 to 30 December 2000.

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