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Niyojit Shikshak Vetanmaan News June 2015: New Pay Scale for Bihar Niyojit Teacher

Niyojit Shikshak Vetanmaan 2015 Check New Pay Scale for Bihar Niyojit Shikshak date of increment Vetanmaan Committee Report Latest News 21 June 2015

 शिक्षकों को वेतन के लिए करना होगा इन्तजार -December 2015 News  

Niyojit Shikshak Vetanmaan October news 2015

Niyojit Shikshak Vetanmaan Hindi News 2015

The Committee organised for 3.5 Lakh Niyojit Shikshak Vetanmaan will submit its report to Bihar Government next week. Though all Niyojit Shikshak will get Vetanmaan instead of the current salary but it will not be equivalent to current Pay Scale of teachers who appointed in past, Sources Said. At present already appointed Niyojit Shikshak pay scale is Rs. 9,300 to Rs. 34,800. The main reason to this is the lack of fund with state Govt to meet the expenses. Though they will not get the exact pay scale of teacher but a sharp increase in the vetanmaan is obvious. Along with a regulation (Niyojit Shikshak Vetan Niyamawali) will be drafted which will benefit to all 3.5 lakhs Bihar state Niyojit Shikshak in their time to time salary increment. Vetan Niyamawali will ensure about the Niyojit Shikshak pay increment.

Niyojit Shikshak Sangh Bihar Vetanman Andolan News - 12 August 2015

Niyojit Farzi Teachers News

Primary Niyojit Trained Teachers Pay Scale: Bihar Vetanmaan Committee Report- 24 July 2015 News

Niyojit Shikshak Vetanmaan Committee Report Submission 2015: Sources said, Bihar Niyojit Shikshak can get the benefit from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 per month in their vetanmaan. Drafted committee called a meeting on Saturday (20 June 2015) to finalise all these things in order to submit the final repost to Bihar govt. This committee was organised on 29 April 2015 in the state of Bihar to draw a solution on vetanmaan demand made by all Niyojit Shikshak who went on Strike for their salary increment issue in May month.

Niyojit Shikshak New vetanmaan Inplement Date: The benefit of new vetanmaan will be given to all Niyojit Shikshak from July 2015 in Bihar. Shiksha Vibhag has given an written acknowledgement to all Education Organisations confirming that all Niyojit Shikshak in Bihar will be given incremented salary/ vetanmaan from 01 July 2015

Madhyamik Shikshak Sangh Demands for Teacher Pay Scale: General Secretary Madhyamik Shikshak Sangh, Kedarnaath Pandey said if Govt becomes unable to give the teacher pay scale i.e. Rs. 9,300 to Rs. 34,800 after committee report, the level of dissatisfaction in Niyojit Shikshak will increase against Bihar Govt. Also they will not accept this vetanmaan.

New Pay Scale for Niyojit Shikshak: The committee is drafting a structure to New Pay Scale for Niyojit Shikshak. This vetanmaan or New Pay Scale will be less than the exact pay out to teachers who have been appointed in past. But the New Pay Scale will give a sharp increase in existing salary of all Niyojit Shikshak. Odisha Model or Kerala Model has been greater source to draft the New Pay Scale for Niyojit Shikshak. Couple of month later Vidhan Sabha Election is approaching so it may possible Bihat Govt will make a big announcement. If this happens, Niyojit Shikshak will gat minimu salary of Rs. 26,000. It’s a great news so keep visiting us on to get more and latest update about the Bihar Niyojit Shikshak Vetanmaan 2015. 

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